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What are my remedies in a real estate dispute?

Homebuyers that were deceived in purchasing their home will find an experienced lawyer to represent them at Sauro & Bergstrom. Our attorneys have successfully recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars for our clients in real estate non-disclosure cases and can help you prosecute your fraud claim if you have been deceived. In addition, in some cases the seller has been ordered to purchase the home back from the homebuyer.

At Sauro & Bergstrom, we understand that every case is different, and tailor the approach to your case based on our in-depth knowledge of the law, the process and what you have to prove in order to prevail in our case. We can advise you as to your best course of action and stand with you throughout the process, whether it is a negotiated settlement, contested arbitration, or trial.

Real estate agents also have duties to disclose material defects about a property, if they are not otherwise disclosed. The attorneys at Sauro & Bergstrom have successfully prosecuted cases against realtors who have failed to perform these duties and have ensured that they were also held accountable for their wrongdoing.

Types of Issues to Disclose

The following are some examples of details that may need to be disclosed by the seller or real estate agent to a prospective buyer looking to purchase a home:

  • Mold issues
  • Siding and stucco problems
  • Moisture intrusion and/or damage
  • A damaged or leaky roof
  • Foundation and settling issues
  • Known construction defects
  • Underground storage tanks
  • Prior inspection/engineering reports
  • Past repair work performed on the home
  • Lead paint
  • Septic systems and private sewage treatment
  • Prior legal claim releases, rights and remedies as they pertain to the home

Protecting Clients Is Our Priority

If you are a buyer and you find that the seller or real estate agent did not disclose all of the facts about a property that you bought, Sauro & Bergstrom can help you. To learn more about how we can help, contact us at 651-389-9915 to schedule a consultation. You may also fill out our contact form and someone from our office will contact you as soon as possible.