Minnesota Appeals Lawyer & Attorney


Successfully handling appeals does not happen overnight. To be a good appellate lawyer your attorney must understand the nuances of the appellate process. It takes knowledge, skill, and experience.
At Sauro & Alton, PLLC, we have that experience and know how to effectively represent you on appeal. When you hire Sauro & Alton, you will be working with appeals attorneys experienced with challenging jury and court decisions in Minnesota and elsewhere.

The Appeals Process

The appeals process is complicated and hiring an experienced lawyer is important. First and foremost the time frames to start an appeal is very short. So getting legal advice early on is critical.
To get started, you meet with our appeals attorney to discuss your case and explain what led to your legal battle in the first place. We then investigate the situation, evaluate what occurred during your court case, and provide guidance on what your next steps can be. You will find that appeals are very different from your trial or district court case, and that different rules on appeal must be followed:

  • All arguments are initially submitted in writing. Sometimes there are oral arguments before the appellate court, and sometimes there is not.
  • Witnesses cannot be presented. This is not a trial.
  • Generally, no new evidence is allowed.
  • Typically, you can only argue about those issues that were raised or decisions that were made by the judge or jury when your case was at the trial or district court level.

From formally starting the appellate process to arguing before the Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court, the attorneys at Sauro & Bergstrom know how to represent your case and argue for a result in your favor

An Experienced Appeals Attorney

If you received a negative result at trial or believe errors were made at the district court, you may be able to appeal. At Sauro & Alton, PLLC, we can help you analyze the situation and prepare your case appeal. To learn more about what we can do and to schedule a consultation, call us at 651-389-9915. You may also fill out our contact form so one of our staff members can call you back.