Sauro & Bergstrom, PLLC Proudly Supports Tartan High School’s Production of “Footloose”

Sauro & Bergstrom PLLC is a proud supporter of local youth theatre in Minnesota and recently sponsored Tartan High School’s production of “Footloose”, the musical based on the ‘80s hit movie about a big city kid bringing healing (through rock-and-roll and a high school dance!) to a small town that had suffered a terrible tragedy.    Sometimes people ask us why our law firm believes in sponsoring the arts as part of our philanthropic endeavors—after all, isn’t that all just fluff and fun? To the contrary, the performing arts not only have the power to convey very important messages but they do something far more important: brings joy to the lives of others.

 Never was this so clear as when I was sitting in the audience at a Saturday matinee performance of Footloose, in the same row as a group of mentally disabled adults who had been bussed in and escorted with assistance to their seats to see the play.  Every song, every dance, every scenery change, and lighting effect was met with “aahhs!” and cheers and laughter.   The joy was palpable.    It was a poignant reminder that lawyers can bring people justice and doctors can save lives, but it is the joy we experience that make our lives worth living and justice worth having.

Supporting Hennepin Theatre Trust’s Spotlight Musical Theatre Program

 In addition to being a regular sponsor of the performing art events, Adina Bergstrom, Esq. serves as a liaison for the Hennepin Theatre Trust’s Spotlight Musical Theatre Program which recently announced numerous awards for “Outstanding” and “Honorable Mention” performances for individual cast members of Footloose and an “Honorable Mention” for the cast as a whole.  Everyone at Sauro & Bergstrom applauds you!