Minnesota Bad Faith & Insurance Appraisals Lawyer

What options do I have when my insurance company’s offer is too low?

Sauro & Alton’s attorneys are one of the few and first in the State of Minnesota to convince a court to allow bad faith claims against an insurance company. Having worked with and for insurance companies for many years, our attorneys now help homeowners, associations, and businesses pursue their insurance companies. We know the tactics, strategies, and motivations that insurers have for denying your claim and can develop a proactive strategy to combat a wrongful denial. Your insurance company has a duty under Minnesota law to treat you fairly. Our attorneys will fight for your rights when an insurance company fails to do just that and delays, denies or underpays your claim.

Signs Of Bad Faith

Has your insurance company has acted in bad faith? Here are some signs that your insurer may be guilty:

  • Delays in paying you on time and in full
  • Denying your claim no matter how valid it is
  • Refusing to pay for storm or wind damage when all of your neighbors got their roofs replaced
  • Dragging out an investigation using multiple adjusters and experts
  • Twisting around the policy language to find an excuse not paying you
  • Failing or refusing to thoroughly investigate the claim
  • Making you a lowball offer
  • Promising that a claim would be paid and then later refusing to follow through
  • Insisting that you demolish part of your property and then refusing to pay for the repairs

If you have fully cooperated with your insurance company and are facing a wrongful denial of your claim or a lowball offer, you may have a claim for bad faith and be entitled to penalties and limited attorney fees. At Sauro & Alton, we can help you determine whether you have a claim for bad faith and fight for your rights if you do.

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Sauro & Alton understands bad-acting insurance companies and can help you if you have been treated unfairly by your insurer. If you think an insurance company has wrongfully denied your claim or is trying to get away with paying you far less than what you are owed, our attorneys can help. To learn more, call Sauro & Alton  651-389-9915 to schedule a consultation.