Last Friday, a severe typhoon hit the Philippines causing untold devastation and destruction.  The storm is being described as one of the strongest recorded in history. As of the time of this writing, over 10,000 are presumed dead and over 600,000 are displaced.

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Unlike most property owners in the United States who hopefully have insurance coverage for such devastating natural disasters, the inhabitants of these islands will not fare as well.  Sauro & Bergstrom are proud to support Minnesota-based Feed My Starving Children which has already sent half a million meals to the area and which already has a request for 2.5 million more meals.

Sauro & Alton is also proud to support World Vision with their boots on the ground efforts to address emergency aid and supplies to the devastated people.   We are calling on our partners, friends and supporters to consider ways to help this mass casualty. More information on Feed My Starving Children or World Vision can be found on their websites at — or