+Q. What makes your firm different?

The trial and industry experience of the principals of Sauro and Alton brings a skill set to our clients that are hard to match. We don’t just say we can try a case, we actually have. With that background, we can help you evaluate your position, recommend settlements where appropriate– but back up your position with aggressive litigation where appropriate.In the practice of law, there is no substitute for efficient preparation. We use technology. Technology is more than an efficient means of communicating, it has transformed the way informed professionals practice law. From legal research, calendar management and day-to-day client transactions to the efficient preparation of monthly statements, we rely on modern technology to quickly deliver quality services. We believe the use of technology benefits our clients as follows:

Better Communication.
Improved communication channels serve as a transparent, but reliable, link between all members of our firm and each individual client.

Efficiency. Rapid turnaround through the use of electronic tools and resources.

Cost Effective. Our approach saves time and your money by building upon existing foundations for research and the creation of legal documents.

Higher Quality. Work quality is improved with the application of constantly updated, improved or revised work product, software, and laws.

Information Management.
Instant access to reliable databases for monitoring ever-changing laws, trends, opinions, and information in our practice areas.

We believe this approach helps us meet our goal of providing each client with quality legal services that are delivered in a timely, efficient, and professional manner.

+Q. How does the billing process work?

Statements for services are generally sent out monthly. We bill for what we do and you will see your bill itemized to the 1/10th of the hour. We do require a retainer to get started and will accept credit cards for payments beyond the initial retainer

+Q. Who will oversee my case?

All cases remain under the supervision of either Ms. Sauro or Ms. Bergstrom, principals of the firm. They are primarily responsible for client communication, establishing case strategies, managing the delivery of legal services and litigation.

+Q. Can costs be minimized without hurting my case?

We strive to balance cost-effective legal services with meritorious results. Each case is evaluated based on its unique facts and circumstances. The more we know about the facts and circumstances of a case, the better we can anticipate and help manage legal issues and their related costs. Effective communication at every stage of a legal matter, coupled withour experience and the use of technology in the delivery of our legal services, enables us to serve clients in an affordable manner. By emphasizing effective communication, we minimize costs without compromising our clients’ rights.

+Q. How much will it cost?

Legal costs can differ greatly depending on the facts and circumstances of each case. In our ongoing dialog with you, we will continually assess your expected financial costs at various stages of the litigation process. Utilizing detailed prompt invoicing, we encourage clients to call if they have any questions about their bill. Prompt payment for legal services rendered helps us to keep our overhead manageable and your bill as reasonable as possible.